Tips & Useful Information

  * If you package or bundle your silver for storage or transport, even if it is inside plastic, do not put rubber bands around the items.  Use string, or plastic covered twist ties.  The band will put a very dark tarnish on the surface quickly, and if left very long, it be trouble to get off.

* For light tarnish removal on items in the studio I use a spray polish.  The brand on hand right now is Hagerty Silversmiths polish.  The product works well-just follow instructions.  There is an odor that seems to result from the reaction of the spray and the tarnish, but the shine is better than the smell!  This is also a good use for those old very soft (worn out!) Tshirts.  The older and softer the better. 

* I have found a product at my Hobby shop that is great for removal of very fine scratches on Sterling--DON'T TRY THIS ON SILVERPLATE--They are flexible polishing sticks with 2 or 3 different very fine abrasive grits.  They are made for cleaning up model parts and when used in progressively finer grits, will remove small light scratches.  Don't get heavy handed here.  This idea is for light hairline scratches--not disasters!   Follow up with a polish like Flitz, and you can surprise yourself.