We engrave all precious metals, as well as silverplate, brass, steel, stainless, etc. We engrave coat-of-arms on rings and other items with correct color textures in either right-reading, or reversed for stamping.

In working with you from the beginning, we can create monograms and inscriptions that can be applied to almost anything. In this way, you can create family traditions and keepsakes that are unmatched in quality and uniqueness.

Your coat of arms is unique. We do many different examples of heraldic engraving on pieces such as rings, cuff links, pitchers, trays, and plaques. Your coat of arms or your family crest taken from that coat of arms can be applied to almost any object. Tinctures and metals are properly textured and this work can be done "right reading" or reversed for stamping. Prices for this work vary widely based on the content of the coat of arms and the size of the application.

One of my personal favorites is the full floral monogram or initial, They are particularly suited to trays and pitchers with floral borders. Each is created to fit the space available.

Silver flatware is one of our most common projects. Let us design a new initial or monogram, or match an old one for your flatware, trays, coffee and tea services, and serving pieces to make a truly unique set.