Engraving is thousands of years old, but the best work in history is being done today. I began engraving in 1976 out of a lifelong fascination with the art. Growing up with a father who was an avid shooting sportsman, I was exposed to pictures of the best firearms engraving available. This interest led me to pick up the chisel as a hobby and today still carries all the fascination that it did in the beginning.

I have never limited my trade to any particular field. Part of the enjoyment comes in the variety of items I have accepted for work. For over half my engraving career I have specialized in jewelry and related items in precious metals. Our studio does silver flatware, tea services, trays, bowl, and other keepsake items. Our specialty is creating a monogram in a floral design that is both ornate and legible.

Our work also incorporates reverse relief engraved coats of arms on rings and stationary dyes as well as relief cut monograms. A right-reading coat of arms may also be engraved on a ring, pendant, or surface of any kind. Heraldic engraving includes the proper representation of tentures (colors) by specific textures cut into the metal. A herald may therefore determine from a properly engraved coat of arms what colors appear by the engraving.

Every design we create presents a new challenge with endless possibilities. In the almost ten years in our present location I have had a chance to exercise my ideas and improve my skills in ways I never dreamed. You need not spend a fortune to create an heirloom. My pleasure is helping you achieve what you want on your items, so feel free to contact me and let your imagination get carried away.